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Propolis – why it is so good for you

• Propolis is collected by honeybees from the buds of certain trees
(Poplar and Oak) and is dark reddish in colour

• Propolis contains Bio-flavonoids, Amino acids and B Vitamins

• Propolis has Anti-carcinogenic, Anti-biotic, Anti-viral, and Anti-fungal properties

• Propolis is a natural Anti-biotic highly effective in eliminating bacteria and infection

• Propolis builds and maintains the body’s immune system. A strong healthy immune system is the best defence against infections and vital for healthy cells

• LIFES® PROPOLIS HEALTH LOZENGES are excellent for clearing coughs, colds and sort throats - naturally

Enjoy the distinctive full flavour and taste of Life's Health Lozenges.

  • Available in 100g pack.
  • Each Lozenge is individually wrapped.
  • Recommended daily intake: 3-5 lozenges.

Nutritional Information

:: The other special ingredients of Lifes® Propolis Health Lozenges ::

  • Lifes® Propolis Lozenges contain top quality Lifes® Active Manuka Honey.
  • The Calcium in Lifes® Propolis Health Lozenges is derived from New Zealand dairy milk, a natural source of Calcium and minerals. Calcium is essential for building strong healthy bones.
  • Lifes® Propolis Health Lozenges contain added natural Vitamin C that helps to deliver immunity against coughs and colds.
  • To enhance the flavour of Lifes® Propolis Health Lozenges, real tasty natural Lemon and Menthol are added

All these properties combine to provide a boost of energy. When taken as advised (3-5 lozenges per day) Lifes® Propolis Health Lozenges will get you through the day in style – Lifes® for living, naturally.

Per 100g

Per Lozenge

Energy per pack 1560 kj

Propolis 17mg

Fat 0.2g

Calcium 25mg

Protein 0.3g

Vitamin C 10mg

Carbohydrate 84.0g


Enjoy the distinctive flavour of Lifes® Propolis Health Lozenges - everyday

Lifes® Propolis Health Lozenges are 100 % guaranteed

Caution. Please note Propolis may cause a reaction to Asthma or allergy sufferers. Honey is a natural health remedy, for medical advice you should always consult your physician..

Lifes better with Life's Healthcare - naturally.

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