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The real natural alternative in skin care, this exquisite creame has a natural base and all the benefits of Lifes® Real Active™ Manuka honey. Gives skin the daily nourishment it needs, for hands and all over the body.

All Natural base consisting of:

  • Pure Manuka honey, vitamins, and nutrients.
  • Pure Manuka honey beeswax
  • Natural healing oils of calendula and tea tree
  • Essential Oil of Lavender
  • Also available in fragrance free (No lavender)
  • Lanolin free (hypoallergenic)

Enjoy the velvet smooth sensation of this skin care cream everyday. From babies to grandparents this cream is for everyone. It is also ideal for hypoallergenic cases, dermatitis, and eczema, skin beauty use, and very dry skin. Daily use will give a smoother softer skin - the natural way.

Honey is a natural health remedy, for medical advice you should always consult your physician.

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